Hi Beauties, me again!

Soooo.. for the longest time I was so so so intimidated by all these beautiful and successful bloggers that seemed like they had it all figured out. I would compare myself to their beauty, their posts, their number of following, and even the perfect life I THOUGHT they had. It wasn’t until I ran into an old High School friend that I realized, that social media can really portray a lifestyle, you’re not actually living. While she and I caught up about life after high school, she said a sentence that just got me by surprise and made me realize that I had to do some changes. She said ” It must be going well for you, it seems like your husband gives you whatever you want and lets you do whatever you want.” in that moment I felt like I wanted to cry hahaha not because she was wrong (which she definitely was!), but because I felt like I had been lying to all my social media followers. I knew that moving forward I had to be more R E A L about what I had and didn’t have, I had to show some of the “bad” things going on so people didn’t think I had a perfect life. In no way do I have a perfect life! I have my struggles, I have tons of insecurities and I am still working on being more christ-like daily.  Let’s remind ourselves that when we see someone we THINK has a perfect life, they probably don’t, but we should still support and encourage regardless!

I want my blog to be encouraging and be helpful for the everyday  women trying to feel understood and included. I would love to help women (and myself) understand that the number of likes on a picture, and the clothes you wear, does not define you. Your heart towards people, being humble and being kind whether someone is watching or not- that is what matters. I know that now a days, it’s so hard not to compare – trust me I still do sometimes – but when we do, we can’t let it bring us down. Instead we need to use it as motivation…  N O T competition, because thats not healthy either. (I talk from experience) God has enough light to let everyone shine, so let’s not waste time – honestly- trying to be like someone cause we will never be fulfilled. Remember you are beautiful because ” You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalms 139:14

Lots of Love,

Michelle Cordero

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Michelle Cordero


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