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Okay I know there’s like trillion Bloggers out now, but it seems like so much fun, and I wanted to join and be part of it!

Hiiii, I’m Michelle aka @mtcorderoo on insta, and i’m born and raised in the beautiful orange county! I come from a close mexican family that I love with all my heart!  I’m 23 going on 24 (t minus 19 days) and i love love loveeee spring! Like come on, how can I not love the flowers, colors, and the OC spring weather??? I mean, I am an April Baby, so that’s probably why…

Growing up I was always a super girly girl. I remember getting my moms shoes and walking around the house in her skirts that I’d turn into dresses and her shoes that would boost me up to  the sky… I would find any excuse to wear a dress and even make my brothers do “shows” with me. I had sleepovers where we’d do hair and makeup and even make a whole barbie town and make my mom promise me not to ruin it so we can keep playing the next day. I loved being girly, and I STILL DO! If it was up to me I’d wear pretty dresses all day, everyday!

My Favorite things in life are dresses, flowers, my husband, ice cream, bread, makeup, balloons,dancing, and of course, shoes. Pretty girly, wouldn’t you say? I hope that in creating this blog you can see who I am and get inspiration for yourself. I know I am still “young”, but I feel like I could give some great advice in life, beauty, fashion, and even share some major life lessons.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, so I hope that as I grow and enjoy, it’ll inspire you to do the same. Lets just be the best version of ourselves ! 💖


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Michelle Cordero

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